$50K Venture Battle

Judging Criteria

ATTENTION: This is an important message about the judging criteria for the $50K Venture Battle Pitch Competition.

Judging Criteria

In addition to the application criteria mentioned above, our panel of judges will also be evaluating each company on a number of different criteria.

These criteria will include:

      • Team: The team has the experience to give us a sense of their aptitude and a strong understanding of the space. They also have the ability to perceive the execution of their vision and deliver results while showing a track record of their performance in the past with a great potential for success.
      • Market Validation: The startup has a deep knowledge of the market targeting the needs of the customers and the need for the product. Competitors are also taken into consideration with a mindset of staying on top through their strategic differentiation.
      • Product: The startup has a well-designed initial product or minimal sustainable product. The product also has strong product-market fit and great opportunity for scalability.
      • Business Model: The business model shows a good indication of adaptation of its product through a well-defined path to market penetration with a great potential for revenue generation and is sustainable. Finally, the model includes a solid plan for exiting the market, either through an IPO or acquisition.
      • Overall Investability: The investment in the product will be used in productive ways creating a way for scalability and therefore a higher market value with lower risks. Overall, the investment in the product would initiate a promising return on investment aside from other potential benefits.
      • Pitch Delivery and “X” Factor: The delivery of the pitch was well-structured, with the speaker(s) possessing confidence, clarity, and overall presentation skills. The presentation also stands out and left an unforgettable impression on the judges through their creative and innovative ways of delivering their pitch.